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Wellness Programs

    By offering customized wellness programs… Susi’s hope is that individuals (young and old) can be supported, families can be influenced, communities can be affected, and this ripple effect can change a nation.


Susi holds a Health Coach certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and 20 years of experience as a workshop leader and corporate trainer. Her work, both in the live arena and with online training, has given her optimal opportunity to capture a variety of audiences.

Our daughter has really come alive in Susi’s SPARK class! That little girl who once resisted performing in front of anyone now jumps at the chance to show us her hip hop moves. One of the true highlights actually has nothing to do with dance. She told us Susi encourages them to share something they’re proud of. We discovered this when our daughter donated her hair to Locks of Love; sharing with the SPARK class was one of her first thoughts.   
-Edie Elkinson


An opportunity to take back my life!!! Susi facilitated  a weekend of healing, reflection and inspiration. A  few days    away with the intention to renew and reset can do miracles for your family and your future!

-Julie Wright

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